Chess Team

The Knight School is returning this fall to Nieman Elementary! The Knight School Chess Team will be your school's official chess team and chess party. This revolutionary, party-based approach to chess has had amazing success - winning multiple state championships - because our unique and unprecedented educational philosophy, "the chess party,' is the perfect way to transform a complete beginner into a devastating chess machine. Our unique model has swept America because it has never been seen before: we simply invite every beginner in your school to join our school chess team and we use only super-fun teaching methods such as super-fast chess clock-slapping chess games, zany chess videos, a strict bully-free environment, silicone wristbands for tactics mastery, chess puzzlers for candy, driving music, hilarious tactics-lesson videos, and Mardi-Gras bead chess tournaments each day we practice. In this kid-centered classroom environment, we teach our kids every cool trick, strategy, opening, and tactic in chessdom and our kids soon learn to love and master chess and to masterfully control their classrooms, sports fields, and home lives as well! Laughter, fast-clocks, and compelling teaching approaches make this class the week's highlight for the current 1000 Chess Party members who make up the awesome network of The Knight School's 80 school chess teams. Join The Knight School chess party and give your child the gift of amazing chess friends, undeniable academic confidence, a self-identity as a smart kid, and a weekly dose of childhood joy that is the highlight of their week! Sign up today!

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